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Nicole Begg

Apparently, Little Baby Begg blossomed into a world champion, pro athlete and stunning sexy female in a fortnight or so. From L' Aquila 2004 onwards she was a sure bet on the field, and a promising media figure that suddenly became not only a star, but a supernova. From now on, she's our favourite skater. Period.
Nicole clearly knows what she wants and what she's doing, and for the good of our sport we heartily hope that more of her fellow lady racers follow her pioneering steps to a better media-attentive speedskating.
Get to know her better: in all likelihood, you won't get closer than this...

How's the season coming along?
I've been in New Zealand for the off season training hard. I've had a good build and feel strong for the up coming season.
How are you doing with those 3 point boots/frames?
I've been skating on the Bont 3 point set up since the Zurich World Inline Cup last year and absolutely love them.
And they look brilliant on you, dear. What do you think about your new team mates?
The team is not fully finalized, but I do know who one of my team mates will be and that's Andrea Gonzalez. I'm really looking forward to racing with her, she's an amazing skater and had been at the top for years. Andrea has a lot of experience and I think I will be able to learn a lot from her. One of the best things is she's not just a great skater but a cool person also.
Last year you won your first senior world title in the most ludicrous way, so much so they are thinking about changing the rules for the point’s race. Was it a planned strategy, your father's idea, or just plain cleverness?

I didn't really go into the race with a planned strategy, but a rough idea of what I wanted to do. I knew that I was fit enough and had enough speed to make a break. But I was thinking I would have to make a few small breakaways to collect about 2 points, return to the pack then go again at another point in the race. I guess it was cleverness: I saw an opportunity at that certain point and took it. If I had waited any longer to make the break, the Koreans and Colombians would have chased, and any earlier anyone would have chased me down immediately. The timing was perfect!

Smell my armpit,you loosers!

It was! What are your targets this season: more world titles in Colombia, WIC's leadership, Playboy's centerfold, all of these?
Not quite all of the above. After being 3rd in the World Inline Cup in 2005 and 2nd in 2006, one of my goals for this year is to win it.
The Colombians are going to be tough to beat with the World Championships at home, but I don't think they are unbeatable: a World Title and world medals are definitely targets. I think I have too many things on my plate already, so I'll leave out the Playboy centerfold.
You've been many times in Italy, living and competing there: what do you think about the country?
The country is beautiful! I love the old towns that still have traditional buildings and little cobbled streets. New Zealand is a beautiful country too, but is still a young country so you can't find that sort of thing. Italian food is also great.

Your mum was a world champ herself: how would you rate her as a skater/coach/manager? (Cause' we know as a mum she rates 10 out of ten)
I don't really know how to rate her. I see her as my mother, who has a lot of knowledge, and best of all she's been there and done that when it comes to skating. So she understands the skaters' point of view.

Mum&Dad: top mates

Is Wayne a good sparring partner, a loving & supporting bro, or just a huge and hairy piece of cr@#...??
A little bit of all of the above. Even though he can tend to be a little lazy at training, if he was not out there with me I would be training alone. It's much easier to motivate yourself to get out there and train when there is someone to train with. He doesn't always show his supportive side, but I know he's proud of me. Some days he can be a huge hairy piece of c@*# but I think we can all be like that some days... minus the “huge and hairy” for me, though.
How many pints of Speight's can you drink before you fall over? (we are told Wayne can endure as much as 10!)
I don't drink beer, I hate the taste. But I'm sure if I did I could out drink Wayne.
Could you? Wow, that’s something! What do you hate the most about men?
I won't go on and on... But one thing I hate is: they tend to earn more money!
The bastards! Do you have any tattoos? If so, where? We can't see 'em!
No, I don't have any tattoos, and don't plan on getting any in the near future.
Good girl. Name us the 3 sexiest males skating the WIC. No ambiguities, please, just give us names!
You ask everyone this question. Are you waiting for someone to mention your name?
That’s an original way to avoid the question. Besides I’m too old to be a WIC skater, but if I was, I would be in the top 3, no doubt.
Er... Yeah, sure.
Now, for the horny fans out there, let's have a better, longer look at the stunner:

Talking about these saucy pictures: We congratulate you for the courage to give our speedskating world a much needed shock.
Thank you. Yes, the speedskating world does need a shock every now and then. Speed skating related pictures are usually always the same: skater, skates, skinsuit and helmet. I just made it a little more interesting by removing the skinsuit from the equation.
And you definitely did! Go on and tell your female colleagues it wasn't so hard to take your knickers down and pose for our lucky photographer (the bastard was even paid for it!)...
It was a little nerve raking at first, but all the right areas were covered up... And come on, you can probably go down to the beach and see more than this!
Well, I had my fair share of meat back in the days, I must admit. Speaking of which: your dad says you look like that because you've been doing a lot of weight lifting lately. Was that iron... or meat lifting?
Yes, this year I have done a proper weights program. Last year and the year before, when I started weights, I was only doing light weights to slowly build up my strength. This year in the off season I have been lifting heavier weights.
Er… Still avoiding difficult questions, or are you just innocent? Never mind. Did you properly epilate yourself before those photo shoots?
Ha ha! Do you see hair?
I wish I did, but I’m awaiting to see the “full frontal” shoots down this very page. Ok, enough about the pictures. It seems you do agree with us about redesigning girls' skinsuits: give us some ideas about that...
Yes, I do agree that the design should be different for female skinsuits. I don't think we should be racing in bikinis, but a skinsuit that's a shorter length in the legs and arms, fitted waist, "V cut" neck and more feminine colours would be great. I think sponsors also have to be careful about what they put on the back region of a female as well.
Yes, I’m being told that again and again, but I can’t avoid it. Sorry, I guess it is a childhood obsession of mine… Is our sport going to have Olympic status someday?
I think there is only one person that can answer that, and I'm not God. I really hope that one day before I'm too old, our sport does have Olympic status. Skaters are great athletes and in a lot of countries we don't get the recognition we deserve for the fact that we’ re not an Olympic sport.
How much do you want to be in our World Team >>?
A million bucks.
Done! Is it true you're going to race on ice next winter?
Honestly, I'm not sure yet. I have though about ice and been thinking about it, but I'm not sure at this stage.
Aw, you'd better forget it! A hot piece of cake like you will entirely melt down any oval... Here, guys, have one last look:

Sod off, you pervs! I'll keep the full frontal shoots for myself!

Text: © - Pictures: ©Nicole Begg

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