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Catherine Peñan

After reading the interview published Apr. 16th by Las ultimas noticias >> to the chilean champion Catherine Peñan, one cannot ignore that a positive trend is being established in our humble skating world, definitely. All these young athletic ladies peeling off their clothes to our astonishment and rejoicing are really a gift from the inline Gods. Personally, I reckon it’s a childhood dream come true.
Anyway, in case your Spanish is not as good as my French, Miss Peñan states in the interview that “Nicole’s pictures look vulgar to me, and I would never do something like that, although I can do it in a bikini”. Let’s check if she’s right, then:

Yummy... Bootylicious!

Whatever. Don’t know about you readers, but I might be tempted to agree with her to anything she says if she asks THAT nicely. What’s more: to defend from invasion that gloriously chiseled derrière, I could boldly stand in front of the million Persians ready to start the Berlin Marathon, shoulder to shoulder with my faithful bodyguard Triberius, brandishing our deadly frames while shouting...

Hmmmm... should I topless?

In case you’re wondering about the rest of the interview... It’s essentially cat-fighting BS and girlie stuff. Not really clever, mind. I guess I need to have a word or two with this girl.
In the meantime, we are all eagerly awaiting for the next skating beauty to do some more bosom/bottom flashing for the good of our sport. Tamara Llorens, anyone?

M. Bresin

NOTE: Please DO NOT link the pictures, or else our server will give the ghost again!

Nicole Begg
Joey Mantia