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Luca Presti

SuperPresti always has a superhero t-shirt under his skin suit. He might even have superpowers, as sometimes it seems he could race without a wheel or two and still win (especially on banked tracks). He loves his family more than anything and enjoys his life, being Italian (Sicilian more like it). But he takes his speed skating job as seriously as one can expect from a professional of any trade.
As I said before, I’m able to recognize a champion almost at first sight: here’s yet one more:

Yeah! No problen, mon

Hi Luca, I would like to interview you for...
Oh, yes! I like your web, I take a look now and then. Are you a roller fan? I don’t recall seeing you in any race…
Well, I was racing when you were an infant, actually. When and why did you start racing?
When I was 5 years old, following my father’s steps… Perhaps you competed against him?
Hey, hold on: I’m not that old! Besides, I do the questions here, ok? Who were your idols when you were growing up?
Marco Giannini! Also Luca Antoniel, a great sprinter... but Giannini was my favourite skater until my brother entered the senior category: from then on he was my idol.
OK Max, payment due. Now tell me, Luca: how was the Bont experience in 2005?
It was certainly a positive one. We did not have the competitive team we thought at the beginning but it was OK. No complaints.
How’s relevant the team player in a marathon?
It’s fundamental. In 2004 It was me and Botero against 5 guys from FILA, 5 from Salomon, and so on: my best result was a 5º place in Berlin. It’s so hard to do the final sprint among full teams, man! Last year was definitely better, although the other teams were stronger.
Well, this time around you can expect better results, and you’re even beating Saggiorato in time trials. It came as a surprise to you to win the 300 mts world title in 2004, uh?
Oh yes! I wasn’t even in the original team that year, but in the tests I’ve got the best times. It was one of my favourite victories, because I didn’t expect it.

You are on 4x100 now, aren’t you?
Yes I am.
So was Bont 5x88 project a failure?
I found that skate excellent, but we did not have the chance to demonstrate that to the market and the general public, simply because we did not win the WIC. It was another FILA victory on 4x100, so everybody is on 4x100 now. But if our team was the victorious one last year, you would see everybody skating on 5x88, I bet.

No fashion sense

Whenever you retire, what will you do with the 18 million dollars that Bont paid to you plus the 50 that Salomon is going to write in your cheque?
I’ll get TV coverage for our sport! With a lot of publicity, even on radio. I also would like to try to have the Olympiads, but that’s a question of politics, not money, is it?
Ok, now our ritual question: Who is the sexiest lady skater in the world?
(he answers straight away, looking me on the eye, in a convinced tone)
I married her!
OK, now I’m moved (*). Good choice. You live near Venice, right?
Yes, we recently acquired a house there.
Man! it pays, this sport. And what is the future of speedskating?
I’m optimistic: it will get to the Olympics.
Yeah… were will you be by then? Still racing or in an elder's house?
I guess I’ll be a spectator!
And how about being a coach?
To be honest I haven’t think about it. It depends on the wages! Let’s admit it: we all are looking for money. As athletes, we have to work hard for a mere 5000 € for a victory in world championships: if you compare that with other “serious” sports…
It is a matter of finding good sponsors, then…
Look, the other day I was talking to Rudy (from Rudy Proyect): he says he loves this sport and it could be easily on TV but somehow, for some unknown reason, nobody pays us attention. He is bound to invest a lot on inline skating but with no TV and no real advertising, it’s not a good deal for him. Quite understandable, I’d say.

Right. When is Gianluca starting his training session?
Very soon!
Nice! Third generation of champions going on, then. Ok, Luca: greetings!
Nah, you don’t say “greetings” in Italian. It’s “good luck”.
Ah. Sorry, but hanging out with so many foreign females I’m loosing my tongue sensibility. Er, I mean: the use of my mother tongue. Well, whatever.
Yeah, ok. Good luck.
Thanks. Ah, yes: greetings.

Gianluca Presti: probably NOT an artistic skater

(*)Note: His beloved wife is the great italian champion Sandy Minto. And Luca has paid a considerable mount to have this interview published as it is.