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Valentina Belloni

We yearn for her...we ache, we languish, we search the seven seas: finally we found her. It wasn’t easy but it was worth the effort: Here’s Valentina as you never saw her (and never will again).

Ok, you recently retired and now are officially the Italian National Team Female Supervisor. Did you tired of winning world champs?
Oh, one never tires of winning. I guess it will be hard to lose the habit. I see this new challenge with the national team as an opportunity to follow my passion for this sport.

Female chaperone. Sounds interesting: what are your duties as such?
I’m in charge of solving all the problems posed outside of the purely technical sphere of the team (that’s Martignon job). Having been an athlete for so long, I’ pretty sure I can do it in the right manner.
So do you get to see the girls in the shower?
Yes, I do.

Female chaperone: Nice job!

Mmmm… I like it. How many academic degrees do I need, or who do I have to kill to get that position?
Well, I never went to the University, nor did I kill anyone, so take your chances…
I grow up admiring Luz Mary Tristan. Have you got a similar sport idol?
I admired very much Alberto Tomba (skier), for the way he’s a public person. I also like Mario Cipollini (cyclist) for his class, and Valentino Rossi (biker) for being a phenomenon!
Why didn’t you raced the international marathon circuit?
For the simple fact that I always need to believe in what I do. I would have loved to try, but I was a sprinter all my career: my fulfilment came from the high speed races!
When you’re not busy with the national team, what do you do?
You can find me at the Aloha Beach Club in Marina Romea (Ravenna).

If we ever come to visit you at the Aloha, will we find you as a Baywatch lifesaver, maybe?
Not really: you’ll find me behind the bar, as an associate of my brother Alberto.
We are told that over there you have a talent bringing down palms with your butt…
It’s an excellent exercise that I always put in my drills!

Lucky palm!

You were the absolute sprint queen of Italy for ages. Who are your heirs now?
They will need a lot of perseverance, determination and hard training, but I think Orrú and Zanetti will do well. Besides, they are good friends and we had a lot of fun together.
I bet you did. Have you ever tried ice skating?
Yes, I did it for 2 or 3 week-ends: I quit because it was too much sacrifice. In addition, I wanted to “settle a couple of scores” on wheels…
Among the sexy boys of the international scene, is there at least one that increases your hormonal levels?
Wrong question at the wrong time! My hormones are steadily pointing to a very handsome boy from my homeland!
Shit! I mean: wow. Can we have details about that lucky guy?
I said he is from my homeland, and it’s not a skater. As for the rest: top secret!
No matter, sooner or later our paparazzi will find out. At least we know it’s not Polletti!
If you where to do another artistic number*, who would you choose as a partner? Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Jorge Botero?**
(* She once did it with Patrick Venerucci, artistic world champion, at a venue during European Championships 2003 – ** I did not included myself in the list because if my friends ever catch me doing artistic, I’m dead).
Well, after the sorry show I did with Venerucci, I’ll give everything away to have Brad Pitt.
Why did you say “sorry show”?
Well, Venerucci wanted to do a duet with me, just for fun. But he had a hard time trying to lift me up: I was so embrarrased!
Excuse me: HE should have been embarrassed, that skinny little sissy! Next time I’ll ask to do a relay with Tania Romano (see her here>>), so they can learn a lesson! By the way: what do you think about mixed-gender relays?
Hey, why not! Sounds like fun.
Ok then, here’s the challenge: you and me against Duggento and Andrea Gonzales. Who would win?
We both would easily win in glamour and looks.
Granted! Now tell me your favourite victories.
Scaltenigo: 2 races 2 wins. But my bigger rush of emotion has to be Perth in 1995, when I won my first world title (as a junior).
Good. Who’s the best coach?
For me, it has to be Ezio Rossigni, who managed to keep me at the top from ’95 until the end of my career.

Where do you go on holidays, and what do you take with you?
For several years I went to Thailand, a unique place. Last year I went to the Red sea with other 5 friends. In my luggage you’ll find jeans, t-shirts, sun block, about 7-8 bikinis… and a huge desire for sun!

Lucky fish!

Are you able to double push? Skatingly speaking, mind…
Don’t ask! Everybody has a style, and only Chad can do the real double push.
Er… right. If you could rub the FIRS bottle and make the Sabatino genie appear, which would be your 3 wishes for our sport?
Olympic games, popularity as much as football and… No need for a third, after getting those 2!
When you were racing, what would annoy you?
Sprint races are too short to have annoyances. I just had really strange thoughts. Outside races, what really annoy me are envious people.

We are currently producing a “Pirelly” type calendar with famous female skaters displayed in the nude: do you want to be our “miss January”?
No, I have to be Miss February, my birthday month. If you ask me that I’ll gladly accept. How much will you pay?

Miss February (shooting test)

Ok, soon you’ll receive instructions and salary. The retail price for the calendar will be no less than 299 euro (VAT included) and is tentatively named “The Bellotti”. To see our favourite lady skaters without clothes appended to the wall, people must pay dearly, don’t they?
But in the meantime, we would prefer seeing you girls racing in a more revealing skinsuit. Don’t you think the actual design of the modern skinsuit is inadequate?

Quite! Especially the male’s one…

Amen, Sister!