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Who's who in the rollerskating world


      Ice or no Ice? Does he think he's better than Chad? Is he gay or does he go hard at it with Brittany? Will he pose in the nude too? All this questions and more are answered by SuperJoey himself. Obviously.
Plus exclusive downloadable poster: a signed full frontal shoot! Read it here >>  

Chad Hedrick + DPRA "We share a vision"


Roberto Marotta "Cali's got a 7 out of 10"


Joey Mantia "Don't compare me, judge me by who I am"


Catherine Peñan "Nicole's pictures look vulgar"


Nicole Begg & her sexy pictures, seen here first!


Elias Del Valle "I favour specialization"


Aurélie Bouvet MMC Salomon Team manager


Coni Altherr "2007 will be even better"


Bill Begg "Technique is everything these days"


Valentina Belloni "Winning is a habit"


Maria Laura Orrú "I hope the sport remains clean"


Pier Davide Romani "Amateurs are more important than us"


Luca Presti "I want TV coverage"


Luca Saggiorato "There are many handsome boys in this sport"


Francesco Zangarini "There's mutual respect among the top skaters"


Massi Presti Silence! The WIC's King is speaking


Linda Wood Team USA's Coach tell us all!



CIC's President is a formidable politician: there is no way to catch him unbalanced! He talks about the new technical rules, Cali's Worlds, big events and so much more.
Read here >>