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Barry Publow in the nude

The renowned canadian coach Barry Publow definitely has been putting an eye (or both) on all the nude skating babes this website offers as of lately, so he can't restraint himself to release this statement: "Interesting series of nude photos, but I believe I deserve some credit for starting this trend several years ago :) "

Yeah. Ok. Fine. Credit's all yours, Barry. Nevertheless, we are happy that trend died right away, before we had to endure Zangarini's furry arse sight. Hopefully you'd agree with us about two things:
1) Nude dudes do not sell, except in gay environments (like this one in Mississauga >>)
2) Nicole's assets >> are a million times better than yours.

Now, dear readers, please check Barry's websites >> and learn a couple of things about skating. Thanks!

SpeedSk8rs World Team
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