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Germany allows 110mm

The German Federation has reportedly announced that 110mm skates would be permitted in Marathon competitions in their country - with Barbara Fischer (herself an ex-World Champion) making the announcement on behalf of the German Referees. The first real move by a Federation to permit 110, after what turned out to be inaccurate announcements earlier this month indicating that France had made a similar resolution. They had not.
With the German announcement, rumours are now circulating that France may review their 100mm-limit decision. In Holland, Skatebond Nederland are under renewed pressure to allow 110mm skates in the World on Wheels and Dutch Inline Cup competitions in the wake of the German news.
Although the World Inline Cup regulations permit 110mm skates in all WIC events and have been published for some time, decisions by individual European National Federations have been delayed as discussions continue within their ranks. All the while, in the United States, no such 100mm limits have been imposed (other than for the National Championships where the World Team are selected). In the USA, 110mm skates have been permitted for some time - with athletes such as Joey Mantia and William Bowen taking indoor and outdoor victories on 110mm.

Italian National Team:
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