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The highest banked track on Earth

La Quiaca is a small city in the north of the province of Jujuy, Argentina, on the southern margin of the La Quiaca River (opposite Villazón town in Bolivia). It lies inmersed in the Andes mountains, at the end of National Route 9, about 289km from San Salvador de Jujuy (the provincial capital), and slightly less than 2000km from Buenos Aires.

La Quiaca: Far and above

In Argentina, this city is the classic reference to the northern end of the country. Read more about this peculiar place here >> and find some pictures here >>

Thanks to a fervent local official, Mr. Ricardo Souilhé, our sport is flourishing in one of the most isolated provinces of a country where otherwise speedskating is dead or about to give the ghost away. There are some 20 clubs with government support there, and several concrete tracks were built in the region thanks to Ricardo’s political and business connections. The last one of them was just inaugurated in this amazing place called La Quiaca, so it lies at about 3500 meters above mean sea level: as far as we know, there is no other track at such an elevation in the whole planet. Not bad for altitude training, isn’t it? It’s good news also because this infrastructure is already attracting skaters from nearby Bolivia, so maybe one day we can have athletes from that country too at Worlds.

Check out below some pictures taken during the recent inauguration tournament, courtesy of Mr. Enrique Arias. For further information regarding this exceptional banked track, contact us >>

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