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Homologated banked tracks

Update 2010

In 2006, Mr. Aracu & Mr Marotta publicly promised me to unveil and freely distribute the blueprints for the new homologated banked tracks that will be the world standard (see here >>). As I assume they must be extremely busy at the moment to comply their promise, and since there are several projects being developed right now around the world, I took the liberty of stealing the above mentioned blueprints from FIRS' Headquarters.

It was no easy task, as it required some 007 skills: jumping from a helicopter at night, overriding a sophisticated surveillance system, deploying decoys, opening a high-tech safe, killing a few heavily armed guards and seducing a couple of extremely sexy ladies...
But for my fellow skaters I could do all that and much more.
Find the specifications below; if higher resolution pictures or extra info are needed contact us >>

Coating: The coating for these tracks is being produced by an Italian company called VESMACO ( They have a friendly, english speaking staff that can help you in giving the finishing touches to the surface of your new banked track.  

I know the building specs are not complete (some material was lost in an explosion during my cinematic escape), but any half-decent architect can complete the missing parts. Since there is no copyright nor reserved-rights note on these published plans, we are entitled to safely assume they can be distributed under GPL or copyleft grants. Let's hope they don't change the homologating specs after this publication!

Now my life isn't worth a penny. As you read this, maybe FIRS’ hitmen already found me. I expect no gratitude, but at least name one of the new generation tracks after me.
God save speedskating!

M. Bresin

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