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Nu Nude: Sandra & Kepa

The Spanish magazine Interviú is a popular and widely distributed publication that combines serious matters with some porno or semi-porno pictures. This magazine has been advocating in favour of some minoritarian sports' lady exponents, that in exchange for public exposure show off their athletic bodies in the most natural way. As of late, an artistic skater and an entire handball team were displaying their nudities on Interviú's pages.

The bus driver is about to crash his vehicle

The motorist is about to crash his vehicle

Its last issue devoted some editorial space to Sandra and Kepa Caballero (newlyweds), that following Nicole Begg's >> steps, undid their kit to insist in their quest against the Spanish Federation.
They might be right, they might be wrong: we can't tell here, and honestly we don't care. But one thing is for sure: from today we like Sandra a whole lot more than ever!
Kepa isn't bad either, you must admit... even if you're not a female.

Hopefully they cleaned their bearings after this shoot

Courtesy of Miss Begg, a trend in our sport has been setted, no doubt. We only hope that next time a skater goes porno, they do it right: please, since you're at it... show more flesh to your public, instead of giving the full frontal/rear to some unaware driver passing by.
See the original article (in spanish) here >>

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