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Training camp with Ravasi

In case you are not aware, Mr Ravasi has been the Italian junior national coach for quite some time now, and I'm lucky to count him among my friends for about the same time frame. He's one of those rare coaches able to create a world champ from zero, in fact he did so with the Falcone brothers, but the same can be said for many european and national champions that were shaped by this genial coach.
Aside from his work for the Italian federation, Giulio coaches a couple of club in the Milan area, notably the Skating Club Cassano >> ; having a group of teenagers coming on strong I requested Ravasi to help me out with their technique... To be honest, we've got much more than we expected: he dedicated us between three to five hours each day (double session), working on core stability, dryland exercises and pure skating technique on banked track and road circuit, alone or with his own team of youngsters. All of that at a cost of zilch!
We really need to express our gratitude to Giulio, who gave us all that time for free, but we need to thank as well Mr. Spreafico (president), Gigi Gaviraghi (coach) and the rest of the Club's authorities and athletes for their hospitality and cooperation.
Now check the video we made, a useful compilation of all kinds of drills on and off-skates. Enjoy!

M. Bresin

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