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Nigeria, coming on strong

Help them grow!

If you are following my articles >>, you might remember that during Worlds 2008 in Spain I came to know this Nigerian skater called Princewill Ngbor. He borrowed a suitable pair of skates and a skinsuit from a popular manufacturer, then left to his own devices in such a chaotic situation. It was his first ever international competition (one have to assume it was his first proper race as well), and I can only guess the guy felt like a fish out of water at least. But he did well nevertheless, considering his skills and age. I tried to help him as long as I could, until unceremoniously kicked in the arse by the so called authorities.

Princewill and his coach ;)

What really striked me about Prince is that he shares the passion we all have about skating. His desire to learn and improve, as well as his drive to spread our sport among his fellow countrymen, is definitely remarkable. All that enthusiasm paid its dividends: in a couple of years, Nigeria’s skating grew exponentially, from a bunch of lone athletes to a dozen formal clubs. As you might expect though, they are lacking in terms of equipments and facilities… So that’s how we can help them: should you have equipment in excess or used, please send it to Prince. You can contact him via e-mail here >>

African skating, Nigerian in particular, deserves our support. One day hopefully we’ll celebrate world champs in the Black Continent, just like football in 2010.


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