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Lower limbs push symmetry analysis

with adjustment plan - by R. Bellia

Did you know that most of us push a great deal more with one leg than the other? When such pushing gap goes over a certain limit it's better to fix it, otherwise you are a good candidate for a nasty injury... or at least for poor performance. Professor Bellia has been treating the Italian National Team for many years, and is now one of the world's leading experts in Kinesio Taping® therapy. Based on similar works, in this paper he developed a series of simple tests that will help us establish in a quantitative way the push differential between legs.

He also goes further offering an adjustment plan using kinesio taping to improve performance, but that part of his work was not traslated in this occasion, as it is extremely specialized, rather difficult for coaches.
Feel free to contact us >> for questions about this interesting piece of work. Please download the complete file (in PDF) here >> [1.623 KB]

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