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World Inline Coach

The World Inline Coach Association is a private and independent institution recognized by international roller sport organization FIRS-CIC. It is a financially independent, non profit organization, created for the benefit of inline speedskating and leaded by our good friend, renowned french coach Christophe Audoire.
People working for the organization are volunteers for this project, with the needed motivation, skills, and experiences for it. International speed coaches, speed skaters and all people involved in the sport can become members.

It's main goal is the development of speed roller skating around the world.
Development program with a strategy to increase the number of speed skaters and coaches which will lead to an increase in the number of “National teams” participating at CIC World championship.
World Inline Coach focuses the developing countries where speed roller skating is not yet fully established as a sport, and recognized by their Olympic committees eg. in Africa, Asia, East Europe and South America.
The program will help to improve their standard of skating by training the administrators and coaches. WICoach already has organized seminars in South Africa and France, besides,
The ultimate goal is that Olympic movement adds the speed roller skating in the Olympic program.
This Association is based in France at 12 rue de l’église 44650, Touvois. Tel : 33 – (0) 2 40 31 61 34 - Have a look at their website >> - You can also contact them via e-mail >>, and if you want to contribute to this cause, buy one of their skinsuits, available at 70€.

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