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The Sk8ologist
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  The Sk8ologist
Aren't you a bit sick of all the crap going on? Isn't it tiring to find out the same old shit happens again and again? True, that applies for the whole world and life in general, but we're only talking inline speedskating here.
You might agree or not with my raving, but at least it's worth to address whatever is not working in our beloved sport. Take a look here >> 

Letter from a teenage skater Monica Voccoli


Worlds 2012, the balance M. Bresin


Euros 2012, the balance M. Bresin


Lower limbs push symmetry analysis by Rosario Bellia


Colombian experience : skating with Elias & Co


Training camp with Ravasi Check the technique video


Nigeria, coming on strong Help them grow!


A day at Vesmaco's M. Bresin


Worlds 2010, the balance M. Bresin


Why BOEN? About our new provider


Euros 2010, the balance M. Bresin


Biomechanical observations on inline speedskating Carlos Lugea


Review: Mariani WRC 09 boot by Atle Markeng


1 Inline World Master Games CANCELLED


Who was who in '08 Bill Begg


Olympia and inlines by Bill Begg


Worlds 2008, the balance M. Bresin


Biel: WADA TESTING Press release from Massi Presti


Pre-teens Coaching M. Bresin


World Inline Coach A goodwill venture


Utopia: if I was FIRS president M. Bresin


Veterans on Ice Old timers: switch now!


Applied plyometrics for inline speedskating R. Bellia


Nu Nude: Sandra & Kepa in a Spanish magazine


Homologated banked tracks Here are the blueprints to download


Berlin 2007: race report M. Bresin


The Colombian Hematocrit Case M. Bresin


Farewell to a friend R.I.P. Joao Santos


Worlds 2007, the balance Another crude and possibly objective analysis, by M. Bresin


Switzerland: skating Mecca M. Bresin


The highest banked track on Earth At 3500mt above sea level!


What's wrong with Italians? A bunch of cheaters? Yes, but...


Engadin '07: race report M. Bresin


Spanish flies Something smells funny in Spain...


Time Trials for Dummies Tips & Tricks for beginners, by M. Bresin


Italian National Team: selective meetings on the way to Colombia's Worlds


Skating against poverty Matthew Whitty has a mission


Barry Publow in the nude canadian assets


SpeedSk8rs World Team ...the way we would like it to be


FIRS International Coaches' Seminar A synthesis of all presentations... well, almost - M. Bresin


Transition: inline to ice (and back) M. Bresin


Berlin '06: race report Complete with pictures and videos


Worlds 2006, the balance Independent, crude and possibly objective analysis by M. Bresin


Savona's Marathon The best Italy has to offer


Korea's bright future M. Bresin


Colombia's secret M. Bresin


Team's time trial races: technical analysis Paolo Marcelloni


A day with the italian national team M. Bresin


Murphy's Laws of Speedskating M. Bresin


What our sport REALLY needs M. Bresin


New revolutionary training method M. Bresin


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