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SpeedSk8rs World Team

We spent a great deal of 2006 trying to find a big sponsor that would allow us to finance our own WIC males’ team. We failed miserably: nobody would pay attention.
So this year we went for the cheaper option: a female team. God knows why, only five minutes after its presentation to the local media, the team had massive sponsors knocking at the door.
Maybe there’s a hint for the reasons in the video below, that we used to introduce our athletes to the sponsors. Featured are Carla (the taller one) and Svetlana (the skinnier one), during a training session in which one can observe them practicing relays and displaying their affection to each other...


The team will be based in Tenerife (Canary Islands), and its components were carefully selected and thoroughly tested before signing them.

Coach: none the less than Mr. Marco Zangarini, ex pro-racer, taking a break from his career as the new Italian porno star. He will be doing the job for free. Well, almost.

Old Zanga: suck master

Carla: Italian, achieved a deserved 3º place in the 2005 edition of the Tenerife Half Marathon (out of 4 racers). In spite of whatever Mr Bill Begg says, as one can observe on the video, she has a very effective double push, in every possible way. Besides, her relentless single push is fatal for her opponents. Being the team leader, she will also be doing most of the public and press relations for the team.

Carla: right

Svetlana: Russian, just learned how to skate, but does it really matter? We are currently employing a revolutionary “torque” method to modify her “Q angle” and improve her technique. She has a great sprint and an even better jump, and while training she would gladly accept whatever is thrown at her. Really, she takes anything.

Svetlana: right

Jenny: British, bright young skater, nearly a virgin. She was not able to attend the video shoot for legal reasons. Never needs to warm up, has a scorching start. See her below while training at our private track and on the gym:


Ok, enough peeping there. That’s our team. Guess you like it.


Once a world class skater and a renowned coach, now a chemically enhanced ageing latin-lover, Mr Bresin is taking the right steps to become the very first professional team manager & promoter in rollerskating.
He was able to spawn new and pioneering schemes for funding a sport’s team, and he’ll be getting only a 20% share. His services are now available to the broader public: for a free estimate or appointment, call 1-888-382537.

Marcello, Da Boss


The Team will be barely competing during this season, but most probably will be attending the larger WIC parties, like Engadin and Berlin. For reservations and quotations, please e-mail us >>


At present time we are in the process of developing our skinsuits and uniforms. Since we believe that a radical re-design of female skinsuits is overdue (see article here >>), we showcase some models below, inviting our readers to vote their favourite and to bring in further ideas:

The Inner-purse (training)  The Watcher (banked track)  The Brazilian (urban races)  
The Steamer (time trials)   The Assassin (winter)  The Anti-Colombian (spring) 


● Moochgema: Pure Dutch Promiscuity(see here >>)
● Club Velvet 69 (happy hour between 7PM and 10PM)
● Nightclub The Rose
You! If you’re 18 or older, have your credit card ready: we offer HUNDREDS of high quality VIDEOS AND PICTURES of our whole team doing the lot! Anal Skating, Training Orgies, Lesbian Double push, Sucking Time Trials... - All in CRYSTAL CLEAR STREAMS! DOWNLOADABLE DVD's!

Click here to enter the Official SpeedSk8rs Team Porno Website >>

You couldn’t avoid clicking there, could you? You sick pervert!

But it’s not a bad idea after all. Think about it for a minute. Look at the advertising deals and huge amounts of money that gourgeously looking tennis players or artistic ice skaters are amassing by publishing their sexy pictures. And they’re not alone. See below more athletes unveiling their graces for dirty rotten minds like yours:

Francesca Piccinini
Anni Friessinger
Sophie Dandolo

What is wrong with that? Nothing, of course. Athlete girls have the right to earn their buck in whichever manner they like. Why couldn't they profit from masculine needs & obsessions? Who says a sport cant' grow with things like this?
Time and again we've been asking forever: Why couldn’t we have something like this in our sport? Find the answer here >>, finally… Meanwhile, see this article below and learn something before arguing:

FIRS International Coaches' Seminar
Barry Publow in the nude