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XRACE KEVLAR TECH Professional KEVLAR stock boot
330.00 EUR


XRACE CARBON TECH Professional carbon stock boot
299.00 EUR


EGO High-quality glass fiber model
184.00 EUR


KRONOS Superb entry level boot
255.00 EUR


NRG Mixed carbon/glass model
218.00 EUR


PS R4 Semi race model
144.00 EUR



All Boen boots are made by using high quality materials.
Upper and lining are made in microfibre that incorporates excellent charatteristics: it is breathing, water-repellent and permeable to water vapour and it is much resistant to tearing, splitting, scratching and rubbing than natural leather. Inner paddings are made in self-modelling material allowing a better comfort and custom fit. Hand made shell (heat-moldable) and mounting blocks in special aluminium alloy ensure the best performance and reliability. All boot set includes laces, mounting screws and spring washers.  


To make sure you order the correct size of boot, it is very important to know the exact length of your feet. Then you can follow these steps:
Find a hard solid floor surface which meets a vertical flat wall surface.
Do a foot tracing by putting a piece of paper on the floor with one edge of paper touching the wall. Stand on the piece of paper with upper part of your heel lightly touching the wall. Trace out from the wall around your toes. Hold the pencil perpendicular and as close to your foot as possible so that to be sure to trace the exact length and width. Both feet are required to determine the largest foot. By using a ruler in millimeters, measure from edge of the paper that is touching the wall to the longest toe on both feet. Then by using the sizing chart below you can find the Boen size that comes closest to the measurement you got. The length in millimeter correspond to the maximum foot length right to that particular size. For example, if your feet measure 260mm and want a tight fitting boot the perfect size would be 41. If you prefer a looser fit you can choose the size 42.